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Posted on April 14, 2016

I have appeared in five interviews till now and have not got rejected till date. All these interviews had a managerial and/or HR round. I have heard from many of my friends that they did very well in the technical rounds and somehow fell short in the HR round and got rejected in the end. In this article I will share useful tips regarding how to clear this Final hurdle between you and your dream job.

HR interviews vary from candidate to candidate. In 90% of the times the candidates are only asked behavioral questions. However you may also face technical questions in this round.

1. How to Introduce yourself

When you will enter the interview room, the very first thing the HR will ask is to introduce yourself. Many candidates take this as a trivial question. In most of the cases the candidate casually tells her name, a little bit about her current work and about her hobby.

Do not take it as a casual communication

This is a golden opportunity for the candidate to create a very good impression. Since you are selling yourself, you have to decorate yourself beautifully.

Look at the two glasses and decide which one you would like to pick. The main content of both the glasses are same but the glass to the left is well decorated and immediately gets the attention. Same is the case with you. When the HR asks you to introduce yourself, the ball is in your court and you have the perfect chance to create as good impression as you can.

The Game of Numbers

HR loves numbers and specifics. Suppose you are describing your current work. Most candidates describe their work as - Currently I have been working in X project and my responsibilities are Y and Z . I have newly implemented algorithm A.

Although it's good, you can do better. Bring numbers into your description.

Currently I have been working in X project. My responsibilities are Y and Z. Previously the algorithm was taking T time. I have newly implemented algorithm A which improved the performance by P% and this is where I had some amazing learning.

Not only you have gone into the specifics, you might have made her curious enough to ask you the next question along the line of your algorithm and if it goes in that direction then you will be in the driver's seat.

So, spend some time to prepare your Introduction.

2. Do not try to confuse the Interviewer

This is very very important. Do not ever try to confuse the HR. If you are asked a question and you are not able to answer that then simply tell her that you don't know about that or you did not work in that line.

Most of the time it happens that the candidate partially knows the answer or does not know the answer and tries to make an impression by answering very vaguely and end up confusing the HR intentionally or unintentionally.

Refrain from doing this. This will make a very bad impression. I myself have been part of many decision making meetings and this point pops up quite frequently and the candidate is out right rejected.

3. Do not be in a Hurry

Many candidates seem to be in a hurry while explaining their answers and end up skipping many important parts. Keep your calm. Don't be in a hurry. Think about the line that you are going to speak and then spit it out.

Try to smile while speaking and believe me this will take the tension away. Communication skill is of utmost importance. If you can't properly communicate your thoughts then you will not be able to give your 100% contribution.

Try some mock interviews with your friend. S/he will be able to point out the discrepancies and you will be better prepared.

4. You have switched companies in very short span

This often comes up in the HR round. Most candidates do not prepare themselves well with the answer and end up creating a very bad impression. If you have jumped organizations in short span then be prepared with good explanation for that.

For example - If you have been in support role and you have switched for a development role then point that out in your answer. Also include the circumstances in which you made the switching decisions. It can depend upon the location of you organizations. There can be health related issues etc.

Think about all the genuine points and be sure to include all those in your answer. Don't tell that your previous boss was Horrible.

5. Do your Home Work

Although now a days, what do you know about our organization seldom pops up in the HR round, you might get the opportunity to bring that up on your own and if you do that you are bound to score some brownie points.

For example - If you are discussing about some product; and the organization you are interviewing for, also has some similar products. If you can point that out and compare the pros and cons you are bound to make a very very good impression.

The HR will be impressed that you have basic ideas about their products and you are really interested. Some companies like Apple always measures the passion of the candidate for their products.

These are the 5 most important discussions, a candidate usually faces in the HR round. Prepare well. Leave your queries in the comment section. Best of Luck.

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My name is Kaushik Baruah and I am the chief blogger on this Blog and here I like to share my experience as software engineer and research engineer with my online readers. I will try to focus on career planning, latest emerging technologies and tutorials on various computer science subjects.

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