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Posted on April 16, 2016

Thousands of Engineers are graduating each year and according to various surveys, it has been found that only 25% of those graduates are employable. Then what happens to those 75%. Each single individual puts energy and effort to graduate and dreams of a high paying job. But unfortunately most dreams get brutally crushed and many end up destroying their career. In this article I will share 5 killer tips to get a job in IT sector.

Who the hell am I to tell you about what to do and what not to do ?

Answer - I have 6 years of experience in IT Industry. I graduated in Electronics and Communication. After working for 4 and half years in the IT industry, I did my Masters in computer science from IIT Guwahati. Currently I have been working in XRCI. Therefore, I have seen enough to comment on this topic.

1. Do not get disheartened by the Placement Interview results

I have seen many graduates who get disheartened and lose their confidence because they did not get placed in the on campus interviews.

I have also seen many candidates who just got lucky and were asked the exact questions which they have prepared in the interviews and got placed. So, getting placed in a company in campus interview means nothing.

The competent ones may get rejected and surprisingly, the guys who did not even think that they are going to get a job, actually gets placed.

From this, you should learn that this was the first interview of your life and you might have made many mistakes. Therefore, ignore it and move ahead.

2. Don't try to get good at everything

I have many HR friends. They often joke about how a guy with one year or no experience brags about lots of skills in his/her resume.

Although in some rare cases, it might be possible for an individual to be equally strong in Java and C++. But in that case, she would not have been jobless, would she ?

For your initial years, try to be very good at a particular Language (preferably Object Oriented language) and learn ins and outs of that language.

I have seen many guys who use a language everyday but when he/she is asked about the memory structure of that language he/she does not have any clue.

Therefore, don't just use a language. Know that language. For example - if you are using Java, then you should know the memory structure of the JVM. How objects are created in Memory. How Garbage Collector works etc.

3. Do something out of your own Interest

I have appeared in 6 interviews with top MNCs till now and in almost all the Interviews I was asked -

Why Shall we hire you ?

Even though, you are not explicitly asked this question, the question is always there in the mind of the interviewer. So, what makes you stand out in the crowd.

Apart from being master in the language of your choice, if you can show them some wonderful projects that you have worked on using that language or using any other technology, that's a huge Plus+.

They will think that you are not there only for the Money, you are actually interested in learning new technology and you can learn and work on your own.

Companies love people who can take ownership of their work. Therefore, if you can show that, you are bound to make a very good impression.

4. Prepare your Resume well

Many candidates write many unnecessary things in their resume. The Interviewer does not have time and patience to go through your 4 page resume.

If your resume is too long, with 95% probability I can say that they will not read your resume at all. Therefore, make resume to the point.

For example - You mention your project, what you had exactly done on that project and How it improved the efficiency.

You can study the book The Google Resume regarding your resume preparation.

5. Keep yourself trained

Programming practice is like Gym practice. If you don't go to gym daily, you quickly get out of shape. Same is the case with programming.

You should practice all the basic data structure and algorithms to the point that you do not need any more practice. You can check my article on 7 tips to improve your coding skill for the basic data structures and algorithms.

When you enter the interview room, you should not have any doubt on your capability. In my career, I took many interviews.

In many cases, when I ask a candidate to implement a simple algorithm say - reverse a linked list, many candidates fail to handle the pressure of the situation end up making many mistakes.

I know that the candidate must have practiced that algorithm a lot. But when I ask him to implement that, in most of the cases I find that he is not trying to focus on writing the algorithm. Instead, he is focusing very hard to remember some code, which he previously wrote to implement the same algorithm.

This is very bad. You have to trust yourself. If you could write the algorithm in the past, you will be definitely able write it any time. You don't have to mug up the code.

Enter the interview room with a blank mind. Whatever you are asked to implement, do not go to past to recollect the code, try to do it from scratch.

Tell your brain that you have not seen this previously and you are going to implement this for the very first time. If you have the skill, trust me - you will be able to implement it then and there.

Best of luck on your job hunt. Please leave your queries in the comment section.

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My name is Kaushik Baruah and I am the chief blogger on this Blog and here I like to share my experience as software engineer and research engineer with my online readers. I will try to focus on career planning, latest emerging technologies and tutorials on various computer science subjects.

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